Treat All Furry Angels Like Our Own

C&D Pet Service is a professional pet care and service company. C&D Pet Service is dedicated to serving all the furry angels with professional and exceptional care. Our team strives to alleviate the burden of parents and owners. “Treat all furry angels like our own” is our team’s motto. C&D Pet Service and all fellow members care and love your pets. We want to establish a new and professional standard in the market. Our team is determined to build a brand in the future. A branch that posits all furry angels in the first place.

C&D Pet Service has five professional pet grooming studios in the Greater Toronto Area. C&D Pet Studios are located in Aurora, Beach, North York, Scarborough and St. Catharines. All of our studios are equipped with professional and experienced groomers. C&D Pet Service is confident to perform the best and utmost professional grooming for all furry angels. As a professional pet care and service company, we comprehend that all pets will be more or less nervous and anxious while taking a bath with us. Subsequently, we always prioritize the feelings of all furry angels. Our team serves all pets exceptionally with the utilization of professional skills and experience to minimize negative feelings like anxiety.

C&D Pet Service also fathoms the scarcity of professional pet groomers in the current labour market. Therefore, we have our pet groomer training school. We want passionate people that love pets to join us. We want to train and educate more professional groomers to take care of our furry angels. More locations are coming soon. Please join us if you love and care for your pets! Please provide the best care to your pets with the help of C&D Pet Service!

Cindy Huang, Founder, C&D Pet Studio

Certified Groomer Cindy immigrated to Canada in 2016, where she attended grooming school with the only Federally registered dog groomer certification organization in Canada.

With over 2800 hours of experience, she witnessed firsthand how stressful grooming visits can be and sometimes a financial burden for pet owners like herself.

Cindy’s two bichons— Yatou and Candy, required routine grooming twice a month. Unlike other breeds, bichons are expensive to upkeep and each month set her back $300+.

Cindy set out to provide high-quality grooming and spa-like experience at a reasonable cost. Providing her team a good working environment and room for growth in their careers is what keeps her studio so successful.

In 2019, Cindy’s first studio became recognized as the best in the city and has become a staple in Scarborough.


  • Certified Groomer by the Canadian Professional Pet Stylists

  • Member of the Ontario Dog Groomers Association

  • Member of the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society

Gentle grooming approach

Spa bath experience

Breed tailored shampoo & conditioners

Private cat spa!

First location opened its doors in 2019

Kitty Pikachu promoting our North York location opening in 2020

Cindy’s furry family

Opening our doors in St. Catherine’s in 2021

Monthly donation to Save Fur Pets, rescue, relocation, and rehab organization

Cindy grooming at the Scarborough location

Opening our first cat spa in 2021!

C&D supports Save Fur Pets to improve the lives of abandoned, neglected or surrendered animals.